Trois Couleurs
8 October 2014

Tempus fugit ?

Trois Couleurs | Tempus fugit ? (presse_tempus) {PDF}

An anniversary show about fleeting time and the ephemeral nature of the living arts: Tempus fugit? A wandering journey down the lost path traced 30 years ago in the footsteps of the legendary adventures of Cirque Plume.

An unrelenting wind has blown on Cirque Plume since the days of its founding in 1983. Very gently, it blew this troupe made up of family and friends from regional appearances to the biggest capitals of the world where it won thundering applause every time it staged its show. In 2012, another gust of wind carried off its official composer Robert Miny. "One year after his passing, when I entered the big top for our rehearsals, I was suddenly hit by his disappearance", recounted Bernard Kudlak, cofounder of the company, to Le Monde. "I didn’t think I was going to be able to begin work again".
But he managed to get over his nostalgia, confirmed by his creation of "Tempus fugit? une ballade sur le chemin perdu", a "dreamlike-metaphysical" show enabling the company to essentially finance its own 30th anniversary, accompanied by young virtuosos coming from all over the world. Like most of the circus people currently appearing under the big top, the young team knows exactly how much it owes to the dream perpetuated by the artistes who appeared before them. Over 30 years, if the "cirque" has been able to wend its regal way towards appearances on the biggest international stages in the world, with increasingly diversified public, and preening its feathers at the same time, a considerable share of this acclaim has to go to this legendary troupe which skilfully juggles its way between spectacular performances and its homemade DNA, commercially free and with the true values of the fairground. As a driving force behind this "new circus" from the 1980s, Plume pioneered the art of remixing traditional stunts as social metaphors, or converting animal taming into inventive role games. Thanks to their unshaken ideals (filter for the citizen, the popular education of Jean Vilar...) and their timeless signatures (a down-home atmosphere, the poetry of the countryside, birds out of the musics by Prévert ...), with this second show, they fly high in the flamboyant colours of these circus acts in a constant process of reinvention.