France Info
4 October 2009

A multi-coloured spectacular

"L’atelier du peintre" (the Artist’s studio), the new show from Cirque Plume, is being staged in the Parc de la Villette in Paris, and will then go on tour throughout France.

LOGO | France Info {JPEG}In this huge artist’s studio, we are greeted with ’Las Meninas’, a painting by Velasquez, then ’Venus at her mirror’, which comes to life and is seen from the point of view of an acrobat. This is followed by a whirlwind of colours, humour, references to Klein, to Soulages. Everything is poetic, dreamlike. Take the trampoline act by Laura Smith. Clad in a diaphanous gown, the artiste appears surrounded by red flowers that look like they are jumping on the trampoline with her. Another stunningly graceful performance is given by Kristina Dripenko, who revolves inside a German wheel. Then there is Chelsea O’Brian who hangs from a silk scarf that she totally controls. Not forgetting the extraordinary special effects, using lights and mirrors, that are such a feature of this circus. Here, different skills are intermingled just like the colours. Acrobatics, dance, theatre, music, with the musicians on stage.

Alice Serrano