Bernard Kudlak

Composition, arrangements and musical direction
JPEGRobert Miny
Stage direction, stage setting and artistic direction
Bernard Kudlak {JPEG}Bernard Kudlak

Each artist created his character and took part by his talent, his inventiveness and his improvisations, with the creation and the richness of each moment of the spectacle.

Artists :

Patrick Barbenoire {JPEG}Patrick Barbenoire
Drums, percussions, mess tins and all kinds of things. Robber of battery, Maikeule Jakson, and various comedy situation…

Hugues Fellot {JPEG}Hugues Fellot
Clown and air work on sprinkler pipes
OR (understudy)
Maëlle Boijoux {JPEG}Maëlle Boijoux
Clown and air work on sprinkler pipes - First world of the kind.

Nicolas Boulet {JPEG}Nicolas Boulet
Comic character. Marimba, kettledrums, all percussions including Balinese or Morrocan, juggling of jets of water... and various comedy situation.

Sylvaine Charrier {JPEG}Sylvaine Charrier
Dancer and contorsionist, work of air rings. Contorsion on water mirror.

Pierre Kudlak {JPEG}Pierre Kudlak
Sousaphone (mysterious or straightforwardly violent one), plays, role of a modern manager of modern circus. Directs the moment of the spectacle "Just in time".
OR (understudy)
Benoît Tréhard {JPEG}Benoît Trehard

Alain Mallet {JPEG}Alain Mallet (Johnny big oud)
Violin, guitars, oud, bouzouki, song and comic situations. In the mess tins with the jet and in navigation on water jets.

Robert Miny {JPEG}Robert Miny
Composer, conductor, piano, synthesizers, accordion, song and comic character.
OR (understudy)
Benoît Schick {JPEG}Benoît Schick

Guyom Montels {JPEG}Guyom Montels
Hand to hand, acrobat with teeterboard and banquine. Juggler.

Mark Pieklo {JPEG}Mark Pieklo
Dance, hand to hand, carrier to the Korean cradle, acrobat, teeterboard, juggler, comic character. Hawaiian guitar.

Kimberly Scully {JPEG}Kimberly Scully
Hand to hand, acrobat with teeterboard and banquine.

Brigitte Sepaser {JPEG}Brigitte Sepaser
Clarinet, soprano saxophone, flute and dance on métallophone.
OR (understudy)
Rachel Ponsonby {JPEG}Rachel Ponsonby

Laura Smith {JPEG}Laura Smith
Hand to hand, dancer, Korean cradle, acrobatics, teeterboard, clownish play, flute.

Laurent Tellier-Dell'ova {JPEG}Laurent Tellier
Bass and double bass, percussions, comic plays, carrier with the banquine and jumper with the teeterboard (a promotion !).

Creation of lighting
Fabrice Crouzet

Creation of sounds
Jean-François Monnier

Creation of costumes
Nadia Genez

Technical director
Jean-Marie Jacquet

Control and properties
Geoffroy De Hasque, Jules Delière, Régis Kouzmine, Dominique Maire and Bérangère Motch

Nadia Genez, Anne Jonathan

Stage setting assistance
Franck Esnée

Marie-Laure Lanouzière

Direction of production
Dominique Rougier