Le Trégor
17 June 2010

Cirque Plume at Pleumeur Bodou

Le Cirque Plume à Pleumeur-Bodu | Le Trégor (presse_adp) {JPEG}On the stage as the audience arrives, there is a large reproduction of Las Meninas by Velasquez. An easel and a giant canvas rest against the edge of the painting. The scene is set, or almost. The latest show from Cirque Plume takes place in the studio of a painter. After the fanfare, the opera and water, now it’s the turn of painting. As the lights go down, two apparitions arrive on stage, explore the set, and start to mess around. Just like Laurel and Hardy and the famous clown acts in a traditional circus, they have fun with the audience. The tone is set and the fifteen other artistes parade on stage at a hectic pace for nearly an hour and a half. There are physical performances that provide moments of pure emotion. Imaginative lighting combines with lively or soothing music, which is played "live". Once again the troop run by the Kudlak brothers captivates us with its unique form of circus where the gateway to the world of the imagination is within everyone’s reach. It’s ten years since they last came to le Trégor and the magic is still there. Cirque Plume pioneered ‘new’ circus twenty years ago, and has managed to come up with something entirely new for each show, continually breaking artistic boundaries. A truly exceptional experience.