1 October 2014

Cirque Plume celebrate their 30th anniversary

Cirque Plume fête ses 30 ans | Familiscope (presse_tempus) {PDF}Cirque plume are back, spreading their wings amongst us. With my 6 year old boy we decided to jump aboard and flew off to see the show. I felt it necessary to explain to him in advance that this would be no traditional circus show, that there would be none of the magic that he loves so much. On the way out he told me: "You see, you were wrong there was loads of magic." It’s true, how else can you explain a man flying after his sheet-music or the reddening shadow of a sun ending up as a clown’s nose? Here Cirque Plume presents us with a new show full of joy and visual magic. Once more the rest of the acts make up a cocktail just as full of flavour: quality live music, performing exploits, humour and poetry. Go now, take your children and do not miss the show. If anything I would say that considering the duration and the type of show, it would be best to go with a child of less than 6 years. A final piece of advice: don’t hold back on the applause at the end if you want to see the encore, which is unmissable, a pure moment of poetry.

By Frederique - Parent tester