5 October 2014

Cirque Plume celebrates its 30th anniversary at the Villette!

Le Cirque Plume fête ses 30 ans à la Villette ! | (presse_tempus) {PDF}To the question: Does time pass? Cirque Plume replies: "Oh yes” and that’s not such a bad thing! Yes, time passes, yes, we are happy to share these moments with you, yes, lets laugh and dream together! One of the finest shows that you will see at the moment!

The circus voyage "on the lost road" is tainted with a slight hint of nostalgia this year - Cirque Plume are here - and once more they call the faithful come and see them at the Villette. Even if we notice a few allusions to past numbers, the celebration begins with all due pomp in a factory with a magnificently diabolic choreography. A fantastic firework show of colours, sound and movement; from beginning to end the poetry of the show constantly awakens our imaginations.

Leaving us with images: the mad exhaler - the British clown who laughs like he’s swallowing an egg whole, the flying violinist chasing his sheet-music through the air, the acrobat moving with precision as if along the keys of a giant marimba and of course the six-pack of the Ulyssean Mr Muscles, the golden sun and giant dragon made from clocks.

We leave with cheer, light hearts and the desire to return to the circus as quickly as possible.