5 October 2009

Cirque Plume - l’atelier du peintre

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Petitestê | Cirque Plume - l'atelier du peintre (presse_adp) {JPEG}Cirque Plume - l’atelier du peintre (the Artist’s studio)
A show by Cirque Plume is a feast for the eyes and ears of the entire family. Everyone is excited by the prospect of a return to the antics of the performers in this circus that is unlike any other.
This year, Cirque Plume has taken painting as its theme. In ’l’Atelier du Peintre’ (the Artist’s studio), there are references to Velasquez, Klein, Manet, etc. Canvasses come to life… There’s a slightly unhinged art collector, artists who amuse themselves with abstract art, a Greek statue that comes alive, a picture frame that is transformed into a gateway into which clowns and acrobats throw themselves, a human dustbin who walks over a canvas and vanishes…
With Cirque Plume you get striking and poetic images, but also some original and magical acrobatics. We very much enjoyed the German wheel routine. The acrobats also make use of the trampoline to invent a new way of jumping, bouncing… It was wonderful!
Cirque Plume also has original music that makes its presence felt throughout the show with traditional instruments like the accordion, violin, guitar, clarinet and saxophone, but there are also plenty of original instruments.

On stage is a cast of 13 performers, acrobats, jugglers and musicians, who lead us into a magical world.
Children love it and fall about laughing, calling out to the performers. It’s so nice to enjoy a show together as a family, one where there is something for everyone.

The only fly in the ointment in this very enjoyable show are the seating arrangements on circus benches (ouch!). If the people sitting in front are tall, children cannot always see the stage easily, which is often the case as Cirque Plume attracts a large adult audience, even in the afternoon. So arrive as early as you can before the performance to get the best seats.