Panorama du médecin
19 October 2009

Cirque Plume : L’Atelier du peintre

Cirque Plume : L'Atelier du peintre | Panorama du médecin (presse_adp) {JPEG}Back in Parc de La Villette, Paris, after several months’ absence, Cirque Plume picks up where it left off in a place that has welcomed it so many times before, presenting its ninth show beneath the big top, entitled ’L’atelier du peintre’ (the Artist’s studio).

Remaining true to the style that has brought it international acclaim - its previous show, ’Plic Ploc’, was inspired performances in America -, Cirque Plume reunites its faithful band of performers in a show where, under the artistic direction of Bernard Kudlak, each clown, acrobat, juggler and musician becomes the author of his own character.
The new show deals with the mysteries of painting, the magic of creation. Lighting and sound effects, routines that are both athletic and aesthetic, physical strength, technical prowess, boundless creativity and inventiveness all combine to cast a spell over the audience. The show runs for nearly two hours.