8 October 2009

Colours that are a feast for the eyes

Des couleurs plein les yeux | 20minutes.fr (presse_adp) {JPEG}Painters at work beneath the big top of Cirque Plume.

For the 9th show in its history, the celebrated company from the Jura is taking the painter’s world as the backdrop for its canvas. Daubing merrily away are Artists, models, collectors... ’L’Atelier du peintre’ (the Artist’s studio) features a stream of brightly coloured characters, in more than one sense. Acrobatics and juggling never fail to impress, but they usually fall back on a conventional style. In this crazy phantasmagorical world, music and clowning around take centre stage, and fooling around slapstick style with exercises in ’scribbling’ has the advantage of making children laugh just as much as adults. Brilliant and touching from start to finish, the show is full of amazing visual inventiveness, the high point being a stunning trampolining number amidst heaps of rose petals.

Benjamin Chapon