OPEN LETTER of a ship leaving in the night...

The performances of "La Dernière Saison," scheduled from October 14, 2020 to December 6, 2020 in Besançon, are cancelled.

The COVID 19 pandemic has shattered our possibilities.
This fall, the epidemic has forced us into a pandemic-induced haze. Six weeks of shows and 30 performances. None of these shows will take place. Cirque Plume is a ship that is sinking into the night, leaving behind it the memories of its lights.

Our career was built on playing with circus and music, on games, parties, simplicity, tenderness, laughter and poetry, feats, melodies. On shared beauty and shared joy.
A virus will have separated us forever.

Cirque Plume created and performed "La Dernière Saison" in Besançon in 2017. A tour of 300 shows followed. Then the cancellation of 94 performances this year, 2020.

This virus, this pandemic has deprived us of our last moments of gatherings and of reaching audiences throughout France.
We will not be able to play in Franche-Comté, our beautiful region whose nature has been an important source of inspiration for us. We had planned 50 shows between Arc-et-Senans and Besançon.
What can we say about our sadness, except that we share yours, our very dear and very loyal audience.

Cirque Plume is not dying. It is reaching the end of its career.
We had planned it for five years. But not like this!
We are very sorry. We have held on to the very end looking at the all the possible and very fragile options. The circumstances do not allow us to go further. They have forced us to abandon the shows that we have been waiting to perform for all this time.
We have loved you so much.

Life goes on. The circus is very alive and generous. It is life that goes on. Poetry is eternal.