L’Est Républicain
12 March 2002

Head in stars

Jean-Pierre Govignaux

La tête dans les étoiles | L'Est Républicain (presse_récréation) {JPEG}And what if in a few years, or much further ahead in what we call posterity, this should become a reference? These artists, and those that have accompanied them since their début, would have a legitimate reason for pride. There is indeed a Plume style, revealed by this show based on pieces of previous productions. Whether old or more recent numbers, from these slices of life there emerges a constant impression, a coherent quality: this troupe lives in the stars. The intention was hidden in the choice of the name: "Plume". The "plume", meaning "feather pen" in English, is the one used by the poet. It floats in the air, following where inspiration leads it, carrying you, as you watch, up to the boundless heavens, then, mischievously, dropping back to tickle the end of your nose. The "Plume" production comprises original numbers, presented for the first time - this is the least the spectator can expect. But what makes its originality is not only the technical feats. Moreover, these are not accompanied by the roll of the drums to tell us when we must shiver with fear or exclaim with amazement. When there is a roll of drums, just once in the show, it is with humour.
A love story
What makes the originality of the production is this capacity to mix humour with poetry, and to mix humour and poetry with the physical demonstration. It is this that gives exceptional elegance to the movement of the body. In this atmosphere of lightness everything is allowed, including poking fun, without spitefulness, at the circus and the most hackneyed slap-stick type comedy that then appears subtle. The Plume circus is indeed a fine show, and also a fine love story with Besançon’s inhabitants. Amazing loyalty, extraordinary complicity, since it is true that we often tend to run down what we know well. Under this big top, we are like one big family. Very big, that’s true, but so affectionate. This is what, no doubt, encouraged the performers to scatter personal memories throughout the show, disclosing them in a confidential tone like secrets. We feel so good together that this "Recreational production" will be extended until next Sunday.