Jean-Marie Jacquet publishes a second novel "Au nom de l’Esprit"

VARIOUS PROJECTS | Jean-Marie Jacquet, "Au nom de l'esprit" {JPEG}Aircraft fit into the towers, Anthrax envelopes circulating in the mantle, the time goes haywire and France rose to the euro.
Chaos was settling gently on the planet, there is little reason Salins les Bains escapes. Especially at Salins Nadège lives.
Last in the line of Lamotte Champtave de Salins, she vegetates in a villa fifty pieces. The family name does not exist for anyone. On television, we serine our heads with Bin Laden.
Bin Laden ... with some armed with box cutters décervelés, managed to put in an uproar the great American Satan. Whole crowds cheering his name, while that of Lamotte will soon disappear.
His ancestors-they deserve this? The name of his family should he not live forever?
She no longer takes, it must act!
So, from the Faubourg, it will undertake his great crusade to raise at the zenith of the name of Lamotte Champtave Salins. A name that will eclipse that of its radiation by bin Laden, Hitler and Jesus Christ.
To complete the project, it draws its energy in contact with the great Christ of St. John the Baptist Church, joined manage grocery Casino, teams up with an ex-con and transforms his stupid sister poltergeist.
The church only has to tremble, the Apocalypse begins Salins les Bains

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