Jean-Marie Jacquet publishes "Secrets", his third novel

VARIOUS PROJECTS | Jean-Marie Jacquet, "Secrets" {JPEG}The new Jacquet came together the harvest.
In line Laughter Hangman, this novel will draw you into the secret alleys of Salins after Gabrielle and Martin, two young men in search of their origins.
With Josi Koblak on trumpet, Mimile Button in his tunnel, Maumau before his glass of red and Germaine Piron glued to his screen. Not forgetting Colette Bolle, Marcelle, Angeline and the Bebert. As many typical characters that leave you more after completion novel.

You can receive "Secrets" directly into your mailbox at the price of the book: € 18, free shipping, autographed by the author.

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Jean-Marie Jacquet
4, chemin de Plenessu
39330 Pagnoz