La Vie
29 October 2009

L’atelier du peintre

L'atelier du peintre | La vie (presse_adp) {JPEG}Manet, Ingres, Picasso, Klein and Soulages. Cirque Plume takes us into the painter’s lair, and its new creation spins a tale of the history of art. Through the grace of its acrobats, its clowning around and the music, the company creates poetic and bewitching images, springboards to a dream. There is beauty in the shadows projected by a juggling act set to music, sensuality in the hand-to-hand balancing act between a woman and a living statue…
The show does not achieve the magic of the previous sublime Plic Ploc -mainly due to some rather laboured comedy sketches -, but the overall effect is still charming.

Christine Monin