Bulles de culture
1 July 2017

“La dernière saison” of Cirque Plume: Incredible and Magical!

[CRITIQUE] "La dernière saison" du Cirque Plume : incroyable et magique ! | Bulles de culture (presse_LDS) {PDF}Having played from May 18 through June 14, 2017 in Besançon, La dernière saison, Cirque Plume’s final creation, has preened its feathers — its plumes — before spreading its wings for a farewell tour. Bulles de Culture fell head over heels for the show. Read our take on it below.


A troupe of merry mates — musicians, acrobats, and contortionists — comes alive through a parade of strange creatures under the changing leaves of a tree, chanting the rhythm of the seasons. Poetry goes hand in hand with laughter, prowess, and the simplicity of wonder. Rich in colors and in emotions, and faithful to the joyful lightness of circus, Cirque Plume made our eyes glisten and our hearts beat here at Bulles de Culture.

La dernière saison:
Secret alchemy

Cirque Plume’s shows are always a clever balancing act between dances, acrobatics, clowning and music. And in La dernière saison, this balance borders on a form of perfection. You enter into the tent, and from the first minute, the spirit of the troupe takes over the stage. Throughout the show, we discover the talents of each performer, both singular and multifaceted. In this regard, we really feel we are at the circus.
However, the success and identity of Cirque Plume come from the fact that this is “more” than a circus show. We see the acrobatic acts we expect (Chinese pole, aerial hoop, tight wire, contortion), but they are integrated into musical, choreographic, and aesthetic scenes with great finesse and with palpable poetry. Colors, transitions, diverse tones: nothing is left to chance, making La dernière saison a complete and incredibly successful show.

The far reaches of different worlds

We can say for sure that La dernière saison offers its spectators a beautiful journey. The worlds that unfold are at once dreamlike and surprising. Strange creatures that could be elves or trolls in a wondrous forest. Frenzied beings in an enchanted African land. A fairy who competes with the moon. Lovers who dance under a myriad of umbrellas.

Each of these worlds has its own tone: its particular colors, its singularly chosen musical atmosphere. We go from jazz tunes to a gypsy orchestra, from a bit of rock to a blues song. The musical pieces are linked with the visuals onstage and are surprising in their accuracy and complexity. Piano, percussion, saxophone, guitar, accordion, trombone, bass or double bass: we lose track! This wide variety of instruments gives life and unity to the show.

Between familiar classics and new findings

La dernière saison revisits images that seem “classic”: Lovers under umbrellas, a Hawaiian escapade, games with the moon, the struggle against the wind, a walk on water. However, Cirque Plume takes these images that echo inside of us and adds to them its personal touch. Plastic bags surge above the sea. Umbrellas hang upside down, full of these plastic bags. Percussive rhythms are created by drumming on stomachs and suitcases. These new findings adorn these familiar scenes and give them a new breath of air that delights us.
Similarly, the parade of the seasons — chanted by the branches of the tree suspended above the stage — plays a role in this encounter between “classic” and “new”. The tree is “dressed” and “undressed” throughout the show, serving as a reference point during the piece. In this way, seasons pass at the same time, reminding us of the different "seasons" of Cirque Plume, and resonating with the title of the show, announcing a conclusion: The last season (“La dernière saison”).
Whether we are big or small, we leave La dernière saison with stars in our eyes and in our minds, and we almost dance along to the frenzied air of the show’s closing scene. Run and grab a spot at this final touring show that stole Bulles de Culture’s heart.

Morgane P.