La plume de Satan

Show performed 10 times from the 10 to the 14 June 1997, in a silo of the old LU biscuit factory in Nantes (44) within the framework of the Festival, TRAFICS organised by the CRDC of Nantes, revived for 5 performances in a railway station at Morteau (25) from the 30 June to the 4 July 1997, for the cultural event, "Egarez-vous", set up by the Regional Council of the Franche-Comté with the State Railway.

Played and spoken by : Louise De La Celle, Stéphane Drouard, Jean-Claude Grenier, and Pierre-Stéfan Montagnier

Director : Bernard Kudlak, artistic director of the Cirque Plume
Music composed by : Robert Miny, composer of the Cirque Plume

Satan falls, while all about him suns go out Satan falls, and falls...

Look at that man dancing on the tight-rope. Is he freer than you or a prisoner of his equilibrium?
And that other guy, who wouldn’t chase after you, would you follow him where his head is taking him?
Shut up in a strange hangar, are we prepared to be told the story of the archangel ... born of a plume of the angel... ?
Funny place for a theatre. More of a Piranesian prison. Haggard looks, flitting faces, fleeting people ...
The end of the journey for what stories ...
Perhaps it is only a rectangular parallelepiped, within whose bowels words, a tight-rope, a voice remind us of possible areas of freedom.
The universe is expanding. See!

But be careful of the sun’s glare when you leave! If you leave!

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