Télérama Sortir
8 October 2014

Le Cirque Plume - Tempus fugit ?

Télérama Sortir | Le Cirque Plume - Tempus fugit ? (presse_tempus) {PDF}Plume, one of the pioneers of the new circus is celebrating its 30th anniversary with this 10th "souvenir" spectacle. The specific touch of the company is definitely there (music is omnipresent with rhythms and colors) together with a touch of nostalgia combined with a great deal of poetry (especially the red balloon reminiscent of a setting sun). The creation makes many subliminal references to the previous shows, like the passage of time (the metronome, clockmaking glass balls in homage to Franche-Comté, Plume’s homeland etc.) It’s beautiful, but the revolution of the new circus is not so omnipresent any more.

Stéphanie BARIOZ