Le Canard enchaîné
12 November 2014

Le Cirque Plume

Le Canard enchaîné | Le Cirque Plume (Très soutenable légèreté) (presse_tempus) {PDF}

(The bearable lightness of being)

THE Cirque Plume celebrate their thirtieth anniversary. With their new show: "Tempus Fugit?", no room here for simple nostalgia! A group of multi-faceted artists, all both acrobats and musicians, combine their physical prowess with flights of pure imagination. The grace of the rope dancer, the astounding agility of the acrobat on the Chinese pole, the arabesque follies of the athlete in his Cyr wheel: this is a real live show! The décor constantly mutates, like the red sun that transforms into a ball and then shrinks to become a clown’s red nose.
Cirque Plume are in no way running out of steam, let’s be clear about that, even if some of the interludes could be improved if they were slightly calmer.