Le jongleur de l’arc-en-ciel

Children’s Opera performed in Cannes and Nice in June 1998
within the framework of the XVth meeting of children’s choirs.

Performed by:
The Orchestre National de Cannes Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur
The primary school children of the Alpes Maritimes

In the role of:
Sépharine, Heather Joyce
Grigri Cracra, Jean-François Ercolani
The musician of colours, Alain Joutard
Anastase, Vincent Filliozat
Riquet, Michiel Hesseling
Gonzague Indigodingo, Iris

Libretto and direction: Bernard Kudlak, artistic director of the Cirque Plume
Music: Robert Miny, composer for the Cirque Plume
Orchestration: Jean-Luc Michel
Musical direction: Alain Joutard
Poster: Charlotte Legaut

OTHERS SHOWS | "Le jongleur de l'arc-en-ciel"For as long as he could remember, Anastase had been a juggler. Juggling balls, indian clubs, batons, heavy balls or feathers.
His most secret dream was to juggle with moons, suns, trees and birds. He had come to understand, in the course of things, that neither the number nor the nature of the objects was important.
The only thing that counted was joy.

However, that night something seemed to be bothering him.

So he told this story, for himself, for the moon, and for you too.