Le Figaro
26 November 1996

Let’s go to the circus !

The circus is not only for children. Even if it were, use them as a good reason for going again !
The Cirque Plume has a ten year long history and a growing number of loyal aficinados. Following the success of No Animo Mas Anima, the big-top at the Villette is filled at each performance with raving fans itching for their new show, L’harmonie est-elle municipale ? to begin. Why such a raze ? With great originilaty the Cirque Plume revisits the art of the circus : a poetic world, at times Surrealist, to which the music is intimately linked. From one tableau to the next, the whole sometimes lacking a bit of rythm, the show links moments of pure beauty to moments of magic. Shadow effects playing with infinity, elegantly hung drapes a pretext for acrobatics, cyclist and rock guitarist on a trampoline...