Cirque Plume’s "Plic Ploc" is nominated for a 2006 "Molières" award (category: "Grand Prix spécial du jury théâtre public en region" for a series of performances at La Coursive in La Rochelle)

VARIOUS PROJETCS | "Plic Ploc appointed "Molières 2005-2006'" {JPEG}The 20th "Molières" are in innovation by nominating for the first time in history, a circus show again, "Plic Ploc", the latest installment Cirque Plume.
The Committee for "Molières" by nominating this show, recognizes the excellent work of the company, but also, and this is to mark a milestone, the importance of the contribution of new forms of entertainment circus in contemporary theater landscape.

22 years of international success

Cirque Plume is considered one of the initiators of the so-called "new circus": 22 years of national and international tours, he knows an important public and critical success.
He met with 1,700,000 viewers dans18 different countries, welcoming 10,000 people on average in each city visited with for 15 years, a fill rate of around 100%.

The dream of Jean Vilar
In a theatrical landscape that is said in crisis, Cirque Plume was able to realize an ideal dear Jean Vilar: the creation and dissemination, in a spirit of public service, demanding and popular shows, which meet many spectators of all backgrounds, beyond their differences of origin, culture, age or social class.
The choice of the circus, poetry in action, as well as the mix of arts found in all creations of the company, are no strangers to this result.

"Plic Ploc"

"Plic Ploc" (written and directed by Bernard Kudlak, composed and set to music by Robert Miny) was established in May 2004 in the theater of Coursive - National Scene of Rochelle, old fellow Cirque Plume and under the capital of the company at "Spring Comedians" in Montpellier.

The press "Plic Ploc"

The Cross: "The absurd is also humor and irony But more poetry Hot, pregnant Founded twenty years ago by a group of...." Bumps sidewalks "autodidacts (including Bernard Kudlak his director), Cirque Plume has retained its freshness intact. The grace of pure emotion. " Didier Méreuze.

Le Monde: "(The public) is a triumph for this new dream Feather, which tells us (...) that paradise is always possible: just invented." Fabienne Darge.

Le Figaro: "These acrobats musicians in total harmony interpret musical inventions of Robert Miny and play with the water like kids It’s amazing what you can do with this element Quite a show A story of... water. For children 7-77 years. " Marion Thébaud.

Liberation:.. "Standing ovation It is a piece of rare finesse, where the metronomes sown on the scene match the rain that flows from the ceiling, the reverberation effects conjuring games on the web (...) touches Kudlak perfection." Bruno Masi.

Hérault of the day:.. "Water madness of this show of poetry, comedy, short of unspeakable things which, at each moment, we make the heart beat We make dumb admiring these bodies that bend, fly, deploy, cling to our memories. We never saw that. The moment is unique. " Catherine Vingtrinier.

L’Est Républicain: "If in a few years or more away, in what is called the seed that became a reference?" Jean-Pierre Govignaux.
The 20th "Molière Award" will be held Monday, April 24, 2006 at the Théâtre Mogador and will be broadcast live on France 2 from 8:50 p.m.