Notre temps Jeux
1 December 2014

Plume brings its Circus to The Villette

Notre temps Jeux | Plume fait son cirque à la Villette (presse_tempus) {PDF}

They revolutionised the art of the big-top, and with each new show they create pure magic. It’s not surprising that it’s like going back to our childhoods, full of the same joy every time.

Cirque Plume started with three groups of ruffians from the Franche-Comté region of France. A simple encounter on a barge, and they disembarked as a single circus troupe, combining juggling, theatre, fanfare and dance. Thirty years later, Cirque Plume can offer itself the luxury of a stopover at the Villette in Paris, to present Tempus fugit? a walk along the lost road. A poetic and festive interpretation of time, transmission, sensitivity and history. Piano and saxophones thunderously reverberate under the big-top whilst the thirteen performers of the troupe give their all on the stage. Here, a tightrope walker leaps and bounds along a razor’s edge. There, an acrobat twists in the huge Cyr wheel. Prodigious!