Le Parisien
17 October 2014

Plume flying high

Le Parisien | Plume vole très haut (presse_tempus) {PDF}FROM 5 YEARS OLD. They have survived everything, even their own invention. Cirque Plume were there at the very birth of new circus in 1983 and now they are celebrating their thirtieth anniversary at the Villette. At the time that meant: no animals, no ring-master, no clowns with red noses and acrobatics - just more poetry and dreams. Thirty years later, this trend is dropping off in general. However Plume remains, under their Big-Top at the Villette park: acrobatics and clowns, but in their own special style, and even a kind of ring-master in the shape of the Circus’ own founder.
The irresistible Pierre Kudlak, who takes the time between jokes to tell us briefly why he left his job in a factory to enter the spot-light. Their last show: "L’atelier du peintre" was not unanimously received. This new creation, "Tempus Fugit? une ballade sur le chemin perdu" brings together everything we love about the circus, with a side-order of their very special soul, brought straight from the world of dance and music. Everything is here: shadow theatre, a signature of Plume right from their beginnings; a breathtaking tightrope walker, more a tightrope dancer; a balancing act, an acrobat on a Chinese pole, all in a show where women triumph... oh and the clowns too, of course. Starting with the irresistible Mick Holsbeke; who could easily be the star-attraction of any show. However, here every artist melts into a kind of collective poetry of laughter, dreaminess, agility and breathtaking effect only broken up by rapturous applause.