Press release

Scenario, direction, set design, artistic direction:
Bernard Kudlak
Composition, arrangements and musical direction:
Robert Miny

"L’atelier du peintre" is …

Somewhere real,
Somewhere in the imagination,
A place to have fun, to love, to argue, to invent, to play, to laugh, to sweat.
Where we are happy, lost, suffering, in ecstasy, bored, joyful, lyrical, on stage, alive.
The painter exists.
The painter does not exist.

What are the actors, acrobats and musicians looking for in the painter’s studio ?
They open forbidden doors and, as in story of Bluebeard, they step into the painter’s secret artwork.
But do they uncover his secrets ?
They travel to the infinite horizons of his paintings and his imagination.
Into the bowels, the abyss, the ramblings and the black oceans of his subconscious.
Into the light of his hopes.
Light is the painter’s foremost necessity.

Established in Franche-Comté (in Besançon and the Jura) in 1984, Cirque Plume presents its 9th show, forever faithful to the quest for meaning and the creation of emotion in a simple, universal language.