Press release

"Mélanges (opéra plume)" is the name of a Cirque Plume’s show.
What mélange - what are we mixing ?

Human beings, characters, genres, styles, techniques, dreams?
We weave together, not one, but several stories.
The story of the concierge of this unlikely place, " Little Miss Perfect ", in search of her light, meeting an angel of no fixed abode and no fixed god who happens to be there.
Stories of music, in which we take to the air on a double bass, of a musician dreaming he is Jimmy Hendrix, of a scarecrow with hats, of silken paradises in which the balls of crazy jugglers dance to the voice of a sensual diva.
We mix a contemporary dancer searching for herself between a madman and an angel, a dionysian acrobat, the Quadras, a Marcel, a dancer who sets the tight rope singing, an almost child trapezing her dreams, three baroque lady musicians, and a manager.

A mixture of voices and musics, mixture of times, mixture of the codes proper to the circus, theatre and dance, for a show which you see and experience as a poem.