28 October 2019

Regional circus: Cirque Plume’s "dernière saison"

Cirque en régions : « La dernière saison » du Cirque Plume | Théâ (presse_lds) {PDF}With La dernière saison, Cirque Plume offers a popular, joyful, and luminous show with varied, powerful, and magnificent music. Pin Galant Hall was sold out for all eleven performances. The farewell tour of the famous Cirque Plume came for a few days to Mérignac (33).
What a joy to see the immense hall completely full, packed with spectators of all ages, ready to spend almost two hours with these generous artists who offer breathtaking feats.

Nature offers a fantastic backdrop: made by the artist Charles Belle, exposed in a forest for several months, the magnificent canvas adorns the stage. The passage of time, the foliage, the changing of colors evoking that inexorable passage of time, inexorably, with sweet poetry. To go to see a Cirque Plume show is to enter into the sublime and the spectacular, where humor, surprise, inventiveness, and occasional triviality mix with magical scenes of poetry and of acrobatic and tightwire prowess. It’s accompanied by music — all incredible — under the musical direction of Benoît Schick. It is an ode to our animality, to Nature, to the passing of time. It is also a hymn to the childlike joy of offering audiences a show that makes a lasting impression and that gives families a moment to savor.
Anna Yorka

Anna Yorka