the Chick-list
18 March 2016

Tempus fugit? Une ballade sur le chemin perdu

"Tempus fugit ? une ballade sur le chemin perdu" | The chic-list (presse_tempus) {PDF} Set to a beatingtick tock, the new Cirque Plume show brings our awareness to the passing of time. A precious resource, time is a sizableally that enriches all things. And since time goes by fast, Cirque Plume is already celebrating its 30 glorious years of existence and of creation, 30 years of nomadism,30 years of offering dreams and poetry with a lightness and a complete commitment.

Tempus fugit? Like the quintessence of this troupe of acrobats who never cease to find inspiration out things of life and death, all with a unique and recognizable "paw"—a mark that is half-sophisticated/half-haphazard,ingeniously realistic.

Tempus fugit? Go back in time, return to the origins.The show retraces a dozen productions. It remembers. We recall that circus is above all a work of large-hearted artisans and artists, working with the beauty of gesture.

Tempus fugit? Such a level of set design, music, and physical work is striking and humbling.And if life was just that: a work of sweat and strength rewarded with an intensity and beauty that we wish to have andhold inside.

Tempus fugit? A magnificent alchemy that works perfectly and sells out the house.
Tempus fugit? Enjoy it. Time to stop for an instant, to look, to listen, to marvel in all our senses, and to feel alive.

The emerging artists in thecast of Cirque Plume bring a crazy and whimsical energy to this latest production, indicating long and beautiful years to come for this extraordinary “maker of dreams".

Emma Cammisar