The casting

Scenario, stage direction, scenography, artistic direction :
Bernard Kudlak {JPEG}Bernard Kudlak

Composition, arrangements and musical direction :
Benoit Schick {JPEG}Benoit Schick

Création of costumes :
Nadia Genez

Creation of lighting :
Fabrice Crouzet

Creation of sounds :
Jean-François Monnier

Stage direction assistant and creation of masks :
Hugues Fellot

Technical director : Jean-Marie Jacquet
Production director : Dominique Rougier

The artists

Each artist created his character and took part by his talent, his inventiveness and his improvisations, with the creation and the richness of each moment of the spectacle.

Daniell Alnuma

With Cirque Plume since 2019

François Bouvier

François Bouvier {JPEG} CANADA - Gatineau (Québec)
Fil, acrobatie
(Remplaçant de Natalie Good)
Au Cirque Plume since 2019

Nicolas Boulet

Nicolas Boulet {JPEG} FRANCE - Franche-Comté
drums, percussion, vibraphone, brass, sound design
With Cirque Plume since 2004

Cyril Casmèze

Cyril Casmèze {JPEG} FRANCE - Paris
Performer, zoomorphic acrobat
With Cirque Plume from 1991 to 1996

Julien Chignier

Julien Chignier {JPEG} FRANCE - Rhône-Alpes
Saxophones, percussion, background singer
With Cirque Plume since 2015

Jennifer Cohen

Acrobatics, air ring
With Cirque Plume since 2019

Natalie Good

Natalie Good {JPEG} USA - San Diego
Tight wire, acrobatics
With Cirque Plume since 2016

Pierre Kudlak

Pierre Kudlak {JPEG} FRANCE - Franche-Comté
Soubassophone, figures
founding partner of Cirque Plume since 1983

Jacques Marquès

Jacques Marquès {JPEG} FRANCE - Franche-Comté
Saxophones, figures
Founding partner of Cirque Plume, on tour from 1983 to 1996

Bernard Montrichard

Bernard Montrichard {JPEG} FRANCE - Franche-Comté
Guitars, indian Banjo
With Cirque Plume since 2016

Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti {JPEG} SPAIN - Nocito
Chinese pole
With Cirque Plume since 2016

Nicolas Sannier

Nicolas Sannier {JPEG} FRANCE - Aquitaine
With Cirque Plume since 2018

Yacine Sbay

Yacine Sbay {JPEG} FRANCE - Rhône-Alpes
(Alternating with Jonathan Volson)
With Cirque Plume since 2017

Benoit Schick

Benoit Schick {JPEG} FRANCE - Franche-Comté
Piano, acordion, singing
With Cirque Plume since 2006

Hichem Serir Abdallah

Hichem Serir Abdallah {JPEG} ALGÉRIE - Alger
Acrobatics, hip hop dance
With Cirque Plume since 2018

Laurent Tellier-Dell’ova

Laurent Tellier-Dell'ova {JPEG} FRANCE - Franche-Comté
Double basse, basse, percussion, trombone
With Cirque Plume since 1995

Jonathan Volson

Jonathan Volson {JPEG} FRANCE - Rhöne-Alpes
(Alternating with Yacine Sbay)
With Cirque Plume since 2017

The Painting

Le fusain de Charles Belle, en forêt et en spectacle {JPEG} FRANCE - Franche-Comté
The canvas used in the show is by Charles Belle. The work was created with charcoal at the end of the year 2015 in the heart of the Rochejean forest in Doubs, France. It remained in place, stretched out among the trees for 608 days, or seven seasons, or twenty full moons, before joining the dreamlike forests of Cirque Plume. A big thank you to Charles for this gift.
With Cirque Plume since 2017

Also on tour :

Touring manager : Pierre Kudlak
Stage manager and head of tent: Jean-Philippe Pernin
Stage Managers : Dominique Maire, Vincent Maire, Félix Page, Jean-Philippe Pernin
Light engineers : Fabrice Crouzet, Pierre-Emmanuel Faure, Odile Ribière
Front of house sound engineer : Jean-François Monnier
Monitor sound engineer : Loïc Lambert
Dressing and merchandising : Nadia Genez, Pauline Marquès Genez
Big top maintenance : Alain Martin

They took part in the creation :

Conception, scenery realization and accessories : Yan Bernard, Hugues Fellot, Jean-Marie Jacquet, Jérémy Kouzmine, Régis Kouzmine, Bernard Kudlak, Alexis Nabet, Evelyne Parnet, Jean-Philippe Pernin, Brigitte Renaud

Costumes realization : Guillaume Attwood, France Chevassut, Nadia Genez, Aurélie Schwartz

Script : Pauline Marquès Genez

Administration : Hélène Adrian, Elodie Bole, Corinne Ferry, Laurent Fixary, Marie-Laure Lanouzière

Workshops : Cyril Casmèze, Bouba Landrille Tchouda, Maxime Pythoud

French to mandingo translation :
Dialy Mady Cissoko

Drivers and circus hands :
Éric Barbier, Xavier Bony, Florian Bertin, Thomas Bouts, Stéphane Depierre, Jérôme Lecomte, Xavier Marmier, Alexis Nabet, Jean-Philippe Pernin, Yann Poupon

Anaëlle Molinario
Analia Serenelli
Le fusain de Charles Belle
Andrea Schulte
Hichem Serir Abdallah