L’Est Républicain
21 May 2013

The Cirque Plume has taken time

Le Cirque Plume a pris le temps | Est Républicain (presse_tempus) {PDF}THE GOOD THING about Plume’s shows is that you are thrown straight into the deep end. It starts with a singer with a voice similar to that of Tom Waits playing a soft piano, the overly shrill voice of his companion, and it’s off for a 1:40 mins show. On Saturday evening, it was the grand premiere in Casamène. After three months of preparation on site, Plume presented "Tempus fugit” for the very first time, a circus adventure on the theme of time.
The company from Besancon is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary and, on Saturday was presenting its tenth show to an audience, some of whom have know the troupe since the very beginning. The new show delighted its public (a thousand people under the big-top).

Powerful young women
"Tempus fugit” is not in any way an old show performed by an old troupe and the mix of generations added spice to the evening. Indeed, it was four young women, acrobats, contortionists, dancers, who proved be to the most powerful part of "Tempus fugit".
A gifted clown, beautiful music by Benoît Schick, but also nostalgia when Pierre Kudlak tells a young performer about when he used to damage his hands working at the Peugeot bicycle factory in Beaulieu, or that, in truth, his true inspiration is military music. Indeed, these asides are, sadly, the only direct links with the announced theme of the show: time flies.
The Cirque Plume does not want to be nostalgic and it is true that a bright future and new paths are opening up for it once again. It promises to be for many years to come, thanks to this show.

Philippe SAUTER