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22 March 2019

The true nature of Cirque Plume

La vraie nature du Cirque Plume | (presse_lds) {PDF}
Inside Cirque Plume’s boxes and chests, there is a glorious mess! A mess that has served for 35 years to create the shows that have made the troupe’s reputation: a circus full of utopia and talent; an inventor of moments of pure poetry.

The Odyssud theatre’s spectators know this full well, since the company has been treading the boards of the main auditorium for 16 years. Crowds have been travelling in large numbers since the beginning of the month to see "La dernière saison." Naturally, in the last opus of this artistic, human, and entrepreneurial adventure, faces have taken on wrinkles, bellies have stretched out, and steps have become heavier. The old-timers (Pierre Kudlak, Jacques Marquès, and the ever so recognizable zoomorph Cyril Casmèze) play on all this, because that’s life, that’s nature, that’s part of the animality that resides in each of us. And that’s also the beauty of the worlds that surround us. Because we are speaking about the environment here, about how we’ve made it suffer, about the poetry that comes out of it, about the sumptuousness of the leaves that fall in autumn, about the softness of the sound of the waves of the sea — violated by plastic, contaminating it all — and about the monumental tree painted by Charles Belle, a tree that has faced the elements for seven seasons in the heart of the forest in the Doubs. Rejecting nostalgia, Plume has brought together long-time and new collaborators, mixing the already seen with the rarely been seen, including the contortionist and truly elastic woman Anaëlle Molinario, the wire walker Natalie Good — who gracefully glides along the wire to rock ’n’ rol rhythms — and Analia Serenelli and Andrea Schulte, who perform beside one another in a test to sensuality and technicality on the aerial hoop and the Chinese pole. The music, played by seven musicians on stage, and gravelly voice of Benoit Schick (who headed the composition, arrangements ad musical direction) add to the successful and nostalgic ensemble. “Salut et fraternité, Plume!”