Music of Mauricio Kagel
Scenography : Bernard Kudlak (Artistic director of Cirque Plume)
Musicale direction : Raoul Lay

OTHERS SHOWS | "Variété" {JPEG}When 6 circus artists: acrobat, clown, juggler, gymnast, trapeze artist, contorsionnis, led by Bernard Kudlak, artistic director of the Plume Circus, cling to the notes of Mauricio Kagel, interpreted by the musicians of the Télémaque Ensemble under the direction of Raoul Lay, what results is a total spectacle which abolishes the frontiers between the arts.

This marriage of contemporary music and of the new circus will be celebrated under the aegis of humour, lightness, tenderness and skill.
"Humour", says Mauricio Kagel, "is an essential element in life. If I should lose my sense of humour, that would mean that my end was near. Humour is the most serious thing in the world."
Music and the circus, the circus act, precise, taking place in real time, involving its actor in a moment of eternity, in face of imagined death or in real danger. Music, the circus and the complicity of all the artists to invite us to a simple turn of the merry-go-round, a simple little turn of magic and tenderness.

The musicians of Télémaque
Jean Marc Fabiano, Accordion
Linda Amrani, Clarinet
Gérard Occello, Trumpet
Guillaume Rabier, Cello
Christian Bini, Drums
Nathalie Negro, Piano

The circus artists
Rachel Ponsonby, Clown
Gaetan Levêque, Trampoline
Sylvain Decure, Acrobat and trampoline
Jenny Allan, Trapeze … (Conception and choregraphic creation of rope and trapeze shows)
Didier André, Juggler
Vanessa Ricolleau, Contorsionnis

The technical department
Régis Kouzmine, Director
Nadia Genez, creation of costumes
Fabrice Crouzet, creation of lighting
Nicolas Burnier, Pursuit

Tour schedule

Creation on saturday 17 november 2001 in the Théatre National
de Nice for the enclosure of the festival Les Manca, organised
by the CIRM, Centre National de Création Musicale

Cité de la musique de Paris, on thursday 18, friday 19 and
saturday 20 december 2001, salle des concerts

Thursday 21 and friday 22 march 2002 - Théâtre de Feyzin (69)
during the biennium Musiques en Scènes,
organised by the GRAME

Tuesday 16 april 2002
Théâtre Jean Le Bleu in Manosque

Friday 13 September 2002 (20h30)
Festival International de Musique de Besançon

Saturday 5 october 2002 (20h30)
Maison du peuple de Belfort - Scène Nationale de Montbéliard

Saturday 12 (8.45 pm) and sunday 13 october (5 pm)
Festival Ile de France / Ferme du Buisson

Wednesday 4 december 2002 (7.30 pm)
Théâtre de Villefranche sur Saône

Thursday 12 december 2002 (9 pm)
Théâtre Jean Le Bleu à Manosque

Thursday 16 (7.30 pm), Friday 17, Saturday 18 january 2003 (8.30 pm)
Maison de la culture d´Amiens

Thursday 23 and Friday 24 january 2003 (8.30 pm)
Centre culturel Agora de Boulazac

Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 january 2003 (8.30 pm)
Le Sémaphore à Cébazat (63)

Friday 7 may 2003 (7.30 pm)
Théâtre des Salins de Martigues

June 2003 Théâtre de Porto (Portugal)

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