VIDEO | Teaser of "Plic Ploc"
Antoine PAGE, Jean-Marie JACQUET, Cirque Plume 2004

Video clip, 1min 59s
© Cirque Plume 2004

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VIDEO | "Tempus fugit", a movie by Pierre Kudlak
Pierre Kudlak, Cirque Plume

Short film from a performance by Pierre Kudlak - "Just in time" - from the show "Plic Ploc" of Cirque Plume (writen and directed by Bernard Kudlak).
Despite its title, this movie is not linked to the show "Tempus fugit ? une ballade sur le chemin perdu", it was realized five years before (2008) under Cirque Plume big top in Salins les bains
Film, 12min
© Cirque Plume 2008

To purchase the DVD 3D - DVD n°8 Plic Ploc {JPEG}