What exactly a Cirque Plume show?

A circus show is a live show.
A Cirque Plume show is made by the living for the living;
It’s joyful, colourful, profound, poetic, messy, rough and ready, and precise. It’s like life.
It is nourished by the exchange that takes place between ... a lively bunch of people on the stage, launching into the air on ropes, doing somersaults on bikes, blowing on light beams, inventive in music, balancing on feathers ... and another bunch sitting in the audience, lively people too, launched on the wings of their hearts, breathtakingly together, inventing images, balancing on a frail poem which has sprung forth from time immemorial ever since primates endowed with articulated thumbs got together in a circle to sing, play, dance, and tell stories, showing their amazement at the gift of life while attempting to gain just a glimmering of insight into this mystery.
Our speciality is frailty, exchange, and this age-old yearning, this nostalgia for the ideal as Andrei Tarkovski put it.
The Circus is poetry in action. A poem to be shared.

Bernard Kudlak