2 January 2010

L’atelier du peintre

L'atelier du peintre | Marianne (presse_adp) {JPEG}Cirque Plume, the forerunner of French modern circus, is back with its 9th show.

Retaining their accustomed magic and creativity, the performers venture into the artist’s studio. They pick up the tools and gestures of the painter, and use them for their own devices. Hence a juggler becomes a percussionist and the acrobats bring pictures to life using shadow play. The scene is set for creating a dialogue between the various disciplines. On stage, the laws of logic are defied. Statues come to life, bodies become works of art. The beauty of it all almost makes us forget just how skilled the various performers are. Accompanied by a live soundtrack, the circus troop that was formed in 1984 takes us by surprise yet again.

Sarah Kallmann