1 January 2010

L’atelier du peintre. 9th show from Cirque Plume.

LOGO | {JPEG} Superb and still highly original! The company was one of the first to stage shows under the big top that were something new, a mix of acrobats, musicians, poetry, humour and visual spectacle.

This latest creation is no exception, the central theme being, as you may have guessed, that of painting and artistic creativity. It throws up plenty of surprises, with pictures coming to life, but also comedy scenes where the joys of scribbling are played out (often with great success).

Artistic prowess is accompanied by subtle musical arrangements and light effects. It all appears so smooth and easy, not just the acts of skill or balancing but also the endless clowning around. Children and adults alike will be entranced.
The presence of so many adults in a place where the child is king makes for a special, warm atmosphere.

Isabelle d’Erceville