La Voix du Nord
13 November 2013

The Cirque Plume at Roubaix: a lighthearted experience

Le Cirque Plume à Roubaix, un grand moment de légèreté | La Voix du Nord (presse_tempus) {PDF}Last night was the premiere at Roubaix. And it began with the light sounds of a piano. Then it takes off quickly.
Hold on to your seats, the Cirque Plume won’t let go of you from now on, it’s taking you into its meddlesome, colourful, joyful, musical world. For an hour and forty minutes, it takes you along. Brass or string music; jazz or rock: the beat the Circassian company uses to link its acts together. And glues you to your seat at the Colisée in Roubaix. The poetry of the high wire acts, the strength of the acrobats and the magic of an eclectic mix of a dozen artistes will remain with you for a long time.

We like this multi-talented circus: we like it very much. Between the technically challenging performances, you’re delighted by the clown’s antics. You smile at this childish humour, it’s certainly facile, but never vulgar. That is the strength of this show - in which you sometimes lose the thread of the story - that there is something for everyone. For the children, who are doubled up with laughter every time the clowns come on. For their parents, who dream along with them. This company leaves nothing to chance, especially the show to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary.
Because the company, a pioneer of its kind, celebrates its 30 years with "Tempus Fugit?". And you come out of the theatre thinking that at this age, this circus is still as light as a feather.

Charles-Olivier BOURGEOT