Courrier Picard
10 February 2014

Cirque Plume, a joyful and gentle show

Cirque Plume, un show tout doux et tendre | Courrier Picard (presse_tempus) {PDF}Cirque Plume is staging its new show until Thursday 13 February at la Maison de la culture. The Company is on an anniversary tour, which has been racking up well-deserved hit ratings over the last 30 years.

Cirque Plume won a standing ovation last Saturday at la Maison de la culture. With alternating spells of poetry, clowning, melancholy, and the nicest kind of madness, the Franc-Compté company talks about time. "I never saw anything like it before" exclaimed a spectator leaving the theatre after the show. The performances staged by Plume are reminiscent of surprise gift-wrapped present, full of carefully plotted contents, bound to enthral, bemuse, inebriate, carry away, amuse and set to dancing the amazed and slack-jawed spectators with their spirits in the stars and their innermost souls cosily wrapped up in the softest of comforters.